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Re: [SLE] Hello, anybody home?
It's also a busy list, so the people who DO know about
your problem might not be looking, or might miss your
particular cry for help if it was one of 87 messages
that came through in the same half hour. Some of them
actually work for a living. :-)

Also, the people who might happen to have knowledge
that you need might be in a distant timezone. So,
even though it adds to congestion, it might be best
to repeat a request at different times of day.

Also, also, (and again, due to volume) many people
will screen according to the "Subject:" line. If
you re-post with different wording in the "Subject:"
and maybe also different emphasis in your explanation
of the problem, it might trigger the ole recognition
circuits in somebody who just blinked the first (ten)
time(s). <g>


On Fri, 2002-03-22 at 00:34, deadwill@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Don't get discouraged. I've run through the same thing. Sometimes
people can help and sometimes they can't. Usually, in an attempt to
save us all the useless mail, nobody replies that they can not help.
Just repost later and maybe someone who has the answer, or knows where
to find it can help. This is an incredible list and it does take a
while some times to get an answer that helps. Good things come to those
that wait. The rest of us just sit back and learn as the
questions/answers go by.

Kevin McLauchlan
Chrysalis-ITS, Inc.
"Ultimate Trust(TM)"

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