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Re: [SLE] (Newbie alert) SMB client browsing.
On Thu, 2002-03-07 at 13:15, Keith Winston wrote:
On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 07:12:49PM +0700, Brian Durant wrote:
Does anyone on the list know anything about setting up an SMB client for a
home LAN and also has enough patience to deal with a Linux newbie? Please
help. I really would like to get this going. I am a former Mac user, trying
to convince my Win using friends and family of the blessings of Linux ;-)

You can browse available Windows shares using just the samba client program
smbclient. To see the visible shares on a Windows or another samba machine:
smbclient -L <host> [-U username]
If necessary, add the -U option for username and it will prompt you
for a password.

The smbmount program is used to mount a remote Windows/samba share on your
Linux system. It is called indirectly through the regular mount program.
To mount a sharepoint on a Win9x computer that does not
require a password:
mount -t smbfs -o username=xxxx, //WIN9X/SHARENAME /mnt/win9x

I also have a question on this score. Using the command line version of
mount etc., works fine, but surely one _should_ just be able to go to
network/WindowsShares in Konquerer to browse the shares graphically?
<cringe> Whenever I do this I get an error message instructing me to set
up Lisa using the Control Centre, but so far I've failed .... At one
time I think I had it working with KDE 2.0, but 2.2 has defeated me. Any
thoughts would be appreciated.


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