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Re: [SLE] First Try at Creating Website
  • From: Anders Johansson <andjoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 20:26:08 +0100
  • Message-id: <200203182026.08999.andjoh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Monday 18 March 2002 19.36, kbb0927@xxxxxx wrote:
Hello All,

First of all, I am a physician and not a programmer. I am currently using
SuSE 7.2 as a fileserver, 7.2 gateway and the rest of the machines are
using SuSE 7.3 -- all Pro. I have SuSEfirewall2 up and whizzing along on
a home network, with no ports open for incoming access, only masquerading
and forwarding.

I want to set up website on my server for my family to access a family
genealogy page/reunion page. I am versed in Kylix and am familiar with
mySQL. I know I need apache, which I will install. Can anyone:

1) Give me a SXS on what I need to set up and suggestions as to how.
I have downloaded the infon on .htaccess and apache from the SxS

I have no idea what SxS is, but it all depends on what you intend to do. As
you said you'll need apache, that's the basic web server. You'll need java if
you're going to solve it with servlets. Perl, if you're going to do it with
perl CGI scripts. I don't know if kylix has an apache plugin.

.htaccess files are needed only if there are to be sections of the site for
which you want to have password restrictions.

2) Recommendations on database: mysql vs interbase vs postgres SQL.

mysql recently tied with Oracle in a performace benchmark. It is also very
easy to set up and use. It has all you need and more.

3) What ports other than 80 I will need to address and open in SuSE

For a plain web site, only port 80 needs to be opened.

4) Can I do this without FTP access?

If you can put the web pages on your machine in another way then you won't
need ftp access. People who just surf into your page certainly won't need ftp

Hope this is not too stupid of a question. I have never done this

There are no stupid questions.

before from scratch. BTW, I am on and DO NOT plan to
set up a mailserver, just a site to access and leave information for
other family members with an old-fashioned BBS type feel. Of course,
I only want linux due to it's stability and security. There will be no
samba access, although I am sure most of the family will be windoze users.

Thanks in advance.


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