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Re: [SLE] ViewSonic config problem. (Was Nvidia 3D driver problems and SAX2)
  • From: Brian Durant <durant@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 15:34:58 +0700
  • Message-id: <20020315083302.CA57FADA2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Friday 15 March 2002 15:09, you wrote:
AFAIK there is nothing wrong with the VESA mode; If your sync values are
not saved correctly, then I would recommend you to rather edit
/etc/X11/xf86config and enter your correct refresh rates there;

Have a look here (example file), it's in the "Monitor" section:
 Section "Monitor"
   HorizSync    30-96
   Identifier   "Monitor[0]"
   ModelName    "AutoDetected"
   VendorName   "AutoDetected"
   VertRefresh  50-180
   UseModes     "Modes[0]"

Then save this file; this is faster, and also, according to my
experience, 'safer' (meaning more reliable) than changing it via SaX2,
since (I'm not definitely sure about that, just an 'impression') I tend
to say that SaX2 sometimes forgets to save manual changes made here
(this would, btw, match what Brian was saying first).

Hi again wolfi,

It's good to know that you really get around in this list ;-) I tried as you
suggested and took a peak into the xf86config file. Oddly enough, the monitor
is listed correctly there, but when I open SAX2 or YAST2, it isn't.

That can be irritating in and of itself, but my NVidia drivers are still an
on again, off again problem. I'm confused, is it the monitor preferences that
prevent my NVidia drivers from working or is there something with the NVidia
drivers that affect monitor prefs??



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