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Re: [SLE] Advices for a new cd-recorder?
  • From: "Purple Shirt" <purpleshirt@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 21:08:58
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Don't hustle into buying the cheapest offer you see!!!!!!!!!!!

There are only two cd burner manufacturers who can match my feature criteria.

LITEON or Plexwriter.

I explain why. Plexwriter has a strong brand and their burners are of first class. They also have their price and I would probably only buy one if LITEON would not exist.

Why LITEON? They are a cheap asian manufacturer. Because their burners have the most features. What do you mean features? Copy-protected games!? They handle anything.

Have a look at this list:

I want a burner that functions with clonecd and gives me the possiblity to copy all those copy-protected games I own so I actually have a backup. What good is a burner if it can't copy games? In addition I would use daemontools 3.0 to run games of an image of the CD.

I'd probably go for the LITEON 40x/32x/12x (LTR 32122B) today. $220 in Australia right now. In the USA:


From: wolfi <wolfi_z@xxxxxxxxx>
To: SuSE List <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [SLE] Advices for a new cd-recorder?
Date: 13 Mar 2002 21:38:47 +0100
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On Wed, 2002-03-13 at 14:45, Praise wrote:
> Hi all!
> My old yamaha has just died, so I am looking for a cheap cd-recorder. (..)

If you don't mind some configuration with the IDE-SCSI emulation, any
IDE cd-recorder should work AFAICT:-)
Just pick the current special offer from your local e-stuff
It might happen, that not all drives work with all the GUI programs for
CD-burning, but basically on the command line any IDE cd-recorder is

Cheers .... Wolfi

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