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Fundamental but Perplexing LILO Question
  • From: David Johanson <dcjohan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 19:16:56 -0500
  • Message-id: <3C8E9A78.2F482CB8@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On a clean dual boot 98 / SuSE 7.3 setup, the install wrote out
LILO.conf as shown below. The owner of the box wants to boot auto into
98 vice 7.3. Working with a copy I tried moving the windows section to
the top of the image section which is how I thought I'd done it
previously but that resulted in no menu and a direct boot to 7.3. Moved
it back to the original spot and got the same results, direct boot into
7.3. Deleted the copy I was working with, renamed the orig back to
lilo.conf and got the same results. So I selected reboot to windows on
the logout screen and that brought back the startup menu. Odd.

Question obviously is how to I modify LILO.conf to set the default
bootup to windows, vice SuSE? This is a single 40 GiG HD partitioned
first for 98 and then for 7.3. I want to keep the menu option and just
change the default. Since the boot = and disk = are identical, I don't
see how to accomplish this.



disk = /dev/hdb
bios = 0x80
boot = /dev/hdb
vga = 791
menu-scheme = Wg:kw:Wg:Wg
timeout = 80
message = /boot/message

image = /boot/vmlinuz
label = linux
root = /dev/hdb6
initrd = /boot/initrd
append = "enableapic vga=0x0317 hdc=ide-scsi"

image = /boot/vmlinuz.suse
label = failsafe
root = /dev/hdb6
initrd = /boot/initrd.suse
append = "disableapic ide=nodma apm=off"

other = /dev/hdb1
label = windows

image = /boot/memtest.bin
label = memtest86

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