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RE: [SLE] Urgent! Linux network connection went south
  • From: Eric Carbone <ERIC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 10:38:02 -0500
  • Message-id: <6F7CB33B8083D51191A200A0C9E457EE114F4F@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
when you run ifconfig do you see eth0 or similar?

also ... is this a wireless connection?

Eric Carbone
MOR Printing, Inc.

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Subject: [SLE] Urgent! Linux network connection went south

Hello all.

On Friday afternoon, I was working on e-mail and documents
in Linux on my laptop (SuSE 7.3 on a Dell C600 with a
PCMCIA 10/100 card), with no problems.
I shut down and went home. At home, I used the laptop
ONLY for some work in Windows NT on the weekend.

This morning, I fired it up in Linux and had no network
connection. After checking all the obvious things (like
"are the cable connections solid, and do other nearby
computers have network"), I rebooted into NT... and
instantly had a working LAN connection.

I went back to Linux and no connection. I asked YaST2 to
peek at my hardware. It says:

"Network interface
|-- lo
|-- Bus: None
|-- Class (spec): Loopback
|-- Class: Network Interface
|-- Device name: lo
|-- Unique key: <a 16-character string>
|-- old_unique_key: <a slightly different string>"

Does this mean what I think it means? That I have only
a loopback device, and SuSE has thrown away the
LAN connection via the ethernet card? It worked just
fine for several months (until this morning).

So, again, as far as SuSE is concerned, I shut down (in
graceful fashion) on Friday evening, and started up and
logged in again this morning. Period.
Nobody else had access to the machine.

What could have happened, and where do I start fixing it?

Having screwed up stuff on my home machine to the point
where I had to wipe the drives and re-install SuSE, I'm
really reluctant to do any aimless tinkering on this, my
office machine. (IT dept. will support only the Windows
stuff right now -- I'm on my own with Linux.)

How can ethernet just shut itself off, between one Linux
shutdown and the next startup? I'm writing this from
Windows NT, which still thinks it has an ethernet LAN/Internet
connection... using that same PCMCIA card, of course.

Please help me not to say "Good old Windows"... :-)


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