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Re: [SLE] (Newbie alert) Reboot after SuSE shutdown.

söndagen den 10 mars 2002 16.28 skrev du:
On Friday, 08 March 2002 23:25, Brian Durant wrote:
Neither "poweroff" nor "init 0" work for me. They both shutdown SuSE, but
the computer doesn't shut down.

Hi, all!

A couple of months ago, I posted a nearly identical problem. The difference
from Brian's is that in my case the running messages come to "Runlevel 0
has been reached" and the computer stays there to eternity; I have to power
it off.
THIS DID NOT happen with 7.2 and its predecessors, only now with 7.3,
therefore it is NOT a computer problem, but a 7.3 problem (besides, both
Win and Mandrake, also on the same computer, shut it off).
Shutting off the computer by hand isn't a Ulysses's job, but it's
annoying, after having enjoyed years of Win and SuSE doing it
automatically. Among other things, I changed the '/sbin/halt' in Control
Center/System/ Login Manager/Sessions to '/sbin/poweroff' and also added
(at SuSE's suggestion) 'apm=real-mode-poweroff' to /etc/lilo.conf,
obviously without any result. Oh, yes, changing the kernel to 2.4.16 did
not address this problem.

I wish I could be cheery...

gr (in /usually/ sunny, balmy Florida)
"Never believe anything you read, and rarely believe anything you think."
Derrick Jensen

I had the same problem with my new computer, it would not
turn off. My old did with suse 7.3.

I checked the docs for my new motherboard and found that
it had ACPI, I turned ACPI support on in the kernel,
compiled a new kernel and now it will turn the computer



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