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RE: [SLE] cvs probs with local rep
John Lamb wrote:
What are the permissions on /usr/local/cvsroot? If root isn't the owner
or in the group, then it would be sensible for cvs to refuse access. The
quotes round 'root' suggest that cvs isn't treating root any differently
from any other user: that is, the message is probably no different in
meaning from "cannot commit files as 'xyz'".

My /usr/cvsrep is set up with root as owner, cvs as group and me as
member of cvs. I presume I could commit to it as root but prefer not to
do so. If root owns the files, I would rather change ownership before
putting them in cvs, say with "chown jdl.users *.cc".
Actually I dug deep and found (not in the cvs docs but other users) that you
in fact can not commit as root. This is for the reason of... "for my own
good"! I hate when programs restrict things for that reason... Oh I
understand the root issue and with my company (yes we are 90% MS free) we
use Teaching rather than restriction in our corporate apps. If I want to
restrict some user I use the file permissions to do that not my app. Anyway
this might be anger talking because of the amount of time I spent trying to
get my app working.. then drilling down to find it was cvs, then reading
through the doc again, then (cause I didn't find anything there) trying
hordes of tests in a vain attempt to get the damn commit to function. Then
I got word of the cvs root blocking and I frigging nearly burst a gasket.

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