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Re: [SLE] firewall test... reason for worries?

No worries...

I have found that in my servers the default settings of SuSEfirewall are
quite good.

The main thing is to follow news that if there is some security issues with
services that You have open to outside (ftp, http, ssh, pop, smtp etc..).

If You don't use them, then disable those from inetd.conf and other places.
Don't keep any unconfigured services!

Others may disagree with me, but SuSEfirewall is "good enough" protection in
the beginning.. Later on when You get more into Linux, You can write Your own
iptables-script, and have everything as You like them to be.


Viestissä Tiistai 05 Maaliskuu 2002 23:55, Piet Roorda kirjoitti:
I have installed suse firewall 1&2 (suse 7.3) with masquerading other
computer was shut off, and did a firewall test at
my user name (they think), computername & workgroupname traceble
the port testing result:
port 113 ident: closed
port 5000 Upnp: closed

should this be avoided, and if yes, How?

piet roorda

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