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Re: [SLE] Creating a copy of a CD Image
  • From: Jon Clausen <dsl23212@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 10:44:40 +0100
  • Message-id: <20020303094441.C01BB1029EA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sunday 03 March 2002 00:04, Anders Johansson wrote:
On Saturday 02 March 2002 23:58, Jon Clausen wrote:
On Saturday 02 March 2002 23:06, Anders Johansson wrote:
On Saturday 02 March 2002 21:26, Jon Clausen wrote:
ANYWAYs I just tried dd'ing a cd to an image file... It's F*cking
FAST! (?) 500+ MB in ...dunno 10 secs... What's the word on r/w
errors? is this at all a reliable MO?

I think dd will tell you if there are any i/o errors. I've never had
any problems with it. I've ripped many cd images with it, and it has
yet to fail, except on some of those commercial cds with
read-error-by-design, but dd reports the error when it gets there, so I
trust it.


Don'cha like my lyrics?


and the Free Software Song by Stallman (*shudder*).

nuff said !-)

- heard some of it in a program about Linux, on swedish tv last night...
<brrr>... Nice program though...

But hey, complete the lyrics and maybe SuSE can get Madonna to sing them at
the 8.0 launch! :)

Maybe not... and Madonna? She's with the Dark Side. Letting herself be used
to promote Evilware... let 'em keep her.

SuSE should try and get Motorhead instead... imnsho...


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