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Hanging sessions
I have experienced this several times by now:

1. I start a ssh connection from a Win box to SuSE 7.2 using win ssh
client (puTTY, if that's of any importance.
2. Then (surprisingly) my win box dies - I just try to do something and
win doesn't agree :-) (This is not part of the question)
3. After restarting my win box, and doing ssh reconnect, I try "who"
command and see old ssh users as they are still there, alive, but I know
they're not.

Now, I want to get rid of them. I killed all the old bashs and other
processes I know were started in previous session, but when I try "who"
I still see previous user (me) there...

Which process I have to kill in order to "get clean" again?

I know reboot helps (I tried), but I need another way...



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