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Re: [SLE] [TROLL]Fixing Linux/Windows was SuSE CTO and President Steps Down
> On Thursday 30 August 2001 03.11, Clint Tinsley wrote:
> > I think it has been said here that much of problems are attibutable to
> > the wetware at the keyboard, not the operating system, be it Linux or
> > Windows. Incidentally, my Windows 98 SE is system is an upgrade that
> > started out life as DOS/Windows 3.1, upgraded many times with newer
> > system board, hard drives, adapter cards, CD-ROMs, DVD, etc. et. al, and
> > operating systems - Windows95, 95a, 98, 98SE, all without a hit, never
> > formatted C or reinstalled Windows! I don't think I could have done the
> > same thing starting out with an early version of Linux such as Slackware
> > or Calderea Open Base 1.x (I have a copy or each) and made the same
> > claim... There would have definitely been some destructive (read: blow
> > the hard drive) reinstalls a long the way if not recompilations of the
> > operating system.

Did I ever tell you about my yard broom? I've had it over twenty years! Mind
you its had 7 new heads and 3 handles.

Seriously though, we aren't talking like-for-like. When I installed SuSE 7.2
back in July it took under 30 minutes to have a fully functional system
running. OK, my scanner had stopped working and I had to configure this and
that to get the set-up how I liked - a few hours effort or so. Now, if I
installed Windows 98SE or Windows 2000 Professional it would take me say
30-40 minutes to install. But guess what? I haven't got a damned application
installed and can do bugger all with it!

Oh, and how many Windows boxes can run for 220 days without needing a reboot?



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