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Re: [SLE] Easier in?? Was SuSE CTO and President Steps Down
  • From: StarTux <matthew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 20:15:24 -0700
  • Message-id: <3B8DAFCC.10801@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Partitioning/Formating/Installing from a script does not an installation make. Your half hour install must be a server install. A full install of SuSE can take hours, over half a day, even on a fast computer (700 Mhz). And then comes the fun part (SuSE says have fun!): configuring your printing and soundcard; most of the things that are done automatically in Windows. Software installs generally go smoothly, DLL hell now withstanding, but that is nothing compared to the deps and intricacies of installing software on Linux. Then on using Netscape, its nothing but ugly, out of the box. Then one has the issues of SSL support and browser lockups and be sure to add plenty of memory, just like Windows.

Never taken me half a day to install, but can take that for 'tweaking' and upgrading. Not the same thing as installing as you can take the same with Windows and most other os's to do the same.

In 7.2 Soundcard is automatic, well apart from selecting configure sound button, which takes all of two minutes if that. The 812 printer took a little longer as I wanted to use the Beta HP driver (which works well, just don't select 0 value) as it does give better output IMHO.

Never had SSL problems and only ever had rare browser lockups, but nothing recently. And hey when you get a browser lockup on Windows your whole system goes with it. Does not happen so much on Linux. Always check your memory if you start getting strange problems, memtestx86 is used extensivly and works well.

Installing a VMWare client for Windows 98 takes longer than installing
SuSE from scratch.

So what's the point here?

Also once you have KDE 2 installed, life can be very simple for even
naive users.

I think you would find disagreement here from "naive users" as they stumble over printing, sound card, USB devices/support, setting up their dialup and then to have an upgrade that breaks their system.

Because you have to think differently? When I plugged in my USB hub and modem it beeped and I did not have to do much...Biggest problem is people being used to Windows. DUN on Windows is very fickle to breaking, especially with those users bouncing from free month to free month...

The comparisons are unfair because very few 'naive' users buy windows
systems where they have to do the initial partitioning and install
themselves. They nearly always buy preloaded systems with all the MS
software preinstalled.

Well, you can buy Linux the same way now from Dell, Compaq, IBM and others. Linux is gaining acceptance.

Also bear in mind that installs from vendors like SuSE have to take the
trouble to worry about what windows partition's there may be on there
and offer dual-host capability. No Windows install is ever gonna concern
itself with non-MS software (ie viral software in the words of BG).

Bear in mind that many dual boot solutions, other than Lilo based, were done for DOS and Windows but supported Linux as well as other "foreign" operating systems. Even Linux vendors (Caldera) bundled in "DOS/Windows" Partition Managers. To enumberate the dual boot systems out there for DOS, etc:
Ranish (Freeware), BootMagic, System Commander, System Selector.... And we won't tell about all the times the errant Linux install that was suppose to preserve the Windows installation would destroyed it, only leaving behind the visable but unusable partition.

With this (SuSE here) I always select custom partitioning :-). I do not trust any automatic method lol. Maybe I will try it once Windows goes.

Not flaming. My home network consists of Windows98SE, RH 6.1, RH 7.0 and SuSE 7.2 Professional all running on their own boxes. Each operating system has it's place and use. I have bought 4 SuSE distros at full retail: 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and 7.2 Professional and there is no doubt that it is one of if not the best distro available, especially for the "new user" even with its challenges. Somehow missed 7.1 Pro of which I would love to find a copy....


Yep, cannot play too many games on Linux and .doc (excel etc too) is still an issue, especially if they use too many check boxes or such things. Learning curve still there as you need to think differently. Now IE 6 is only going to support Active X controls! Where is the DOJ? And is it too late?


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