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RE: [SLE] SuSE CTO and President Steps Down
  • From: "Luz Futten" <lfutten@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 00:17:44 +0200
  • Message-id: <20010829221537.CDB41A41A3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Two levels of release are that much harder to maintain: you need to sets
> of media, two sets of manuals, retail outlets need to try to stock two
> different releases, and it creates a little bit of consumer confusion-
> what's which? Just keep tweaking the installer- right off the bat choose
> Personal or Pro from within a single release.

Its simple! It's just a part of a commercial strategy.
Nobody wants a hard and long learning curve, as well as market is
divided into 2, with a lot of differences between them.
One market is the common user, who wants to play games, use a
suite just as the M$ office or ClarisWorks, plays video, music, and
not too much, and the other part goes for corporative intranets, or
servers, etc, more focused on more pro stuff.
Usually, ordinary user is not interested in the pro applications and
use of Linux, and Pro users are not interested into games and

It is the SUSE answer, to give an operative system that they think
they can have advantage of.

I mean, a sort of not mixing differents attitudes.
And of course, you can play Quake with Pro Edition, as well as
you can run a server with Personal version...

Now there is a market, if you want "Linux Domination", then you
have to learn how market works, and convince everybody by using
the market rules..

Its more or less as the ancient proverb:
" If you want to destroy your enemy, learn from them, then find
their weak points to destroy them absolutely"

Apply this to no-war and to use linux, and you'll see..

(: SmiLeS :)
Luz F:

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