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7.2 - Truetype fonts?
  • From: Rick Green <rtg@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 14:56:33 -0400 (EDT)
  • Message-id: <Pine.LNX.4.21.0108291441040.25656-100000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I finally scraped together the money to buy 7.2pro, and I'm in the process
of setting up a new machine with it.

I did a default install with yast2, (the first time, btw, that yast2 has
worked for me).
Network setup via DHCP was a breeze.
Sound setup was a breeze. (whew! Sound has always been a bugaboo for me,
causing loud screeches of feedback and/or system lockups on every other
system I've tried).
yast2 detected my video (Nvidia GEforce2mx 32mb) and X came up without any
After a few hours of exploration and stability check, I decided to go
back to yast and see what other packages I might want to install. I ended
up selecting (explicitly or automatically) 94 of them, and the install
went smoothly.
Among the packages I installed were the truetype font server for X, and
two packages of truetype fonts. I also enabled 'antialiasing' in the KDE
control panel.
After restarting X and KDE, I'm finding that my screen is less readable
not more! The standard Konsole apears to be using a variable-pitch font,
but it's spacing letters wide apart, and when I backspace or left-arrow to
make command-line edits, the 'length' of a backspace appears to be
slightly less than the width of the character. The result is a very
confused screen!

What have I missed? Is there a way I can have the fixed-pitch fonts
available to me for the xterm and Konsole windows, and the variable-pitch
fonts for the browser and Staroffice?

Rick Green

"I have the heart of a little child, and the brain of a genius.
... and I keep them in a jar under my bed"

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