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RE: [SLE] Different NVidia Problem
  • From: "Harrell, Tim" <HarrelT1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 12:26:41 +0100
  • Message-id: <FC3DA3DC8D4AD311AB910020352A8FDC0594A3A1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
You still need to ensure you have AGP set in your Bios.
>From your nv proc output it looks like you haven't done this.
It should be in the Advanced Chipset settings (assuming your KT133 bios
is similar to mean).
There'll be an option for the graphics card which can be set to either
Once you've set to AGP you get the option to set the speed (set it to 2x
to start with for safety).
The fact that the rates field is empty in the proc output suggests AGP
is not set at all in the BIOS or that you have somehow disabled it in
the driver by hacking os-registry.c.

Rebuild an *unchanged* kernel source for the NV drivers and reinstall it
just to get back to a sensible baseline.
You don't have to set any AGP option in XF86Config as you get it by
default, but make sure you aren't using the agppart module in the kernel
(type 'lsmod'). You want to use the AGP support in the 251 drivers
themselves so agppart will cause you difficulties if it's loaded.

Tim Harrell

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From: Leslie Forrest [mailto:leslie.forrest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 1:06 PM
To: suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx
Subject: [SLE] Different NVidia Problem

Hello all,

I recently purchased a GeForce 2MX graphics card but I am having
trouble getting it to work with the NVidia 1251 drivers.

System :-
QDI mainboard using the KT133 chipset from VIA
384Mb RAM
CardExpert GeForce 2MX graphics card
All other standard computer components
OS - 7.2 Professional,standard 2.4.4-4GB kernel, XFree 4.1.0

First off, my system works perfectly using the SuSE supplied drivers,
as soon as I updated them, the X Server will not run. It reports "Failed
initialize AGP", "Failed to allocate a DMA push buffer context" and
to allocate DMA push buffer". I have attached my XF86config and a
XFree86.log files for reference. Also, the output of cat /proc/nv/card0.
thought the AGP port would automatically be initialised.

I have noticed that the modules supplied by NVidia are for XFree 4.0.2.
Will these work with 4.1.0 or will I need to remove 4.1.0 and install
4.0.2 ?

I have, also recompiled the kernel module from source as standard and
changing some values in os-registry.c, but again this has had no effect.

Other thing I have tried is changing the NvAGP option.

Any help would be much appreciated in getting this to work.

Thanks in advance,


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