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RE: [SLE] SuSE CTO and President Steps Down
  • From: "Harrell, Tim" <HarrelT1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 09:56:54 +0100
  • Message-id: <FC3DA3DC8D4AD311AB910020352A8FDC0594A395@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I disagree with how much easier it is on windows.
I'd say that installs of modern Distros like Suse are significantly
easier than on windows.
Take a new machine with a virgin (unformatted disk).
I can do a default package install of SuSE 7.2 on this in less than half
an hour (the IBM disks I have are v.quick). There's no way I can do
windows NT/W2K installs in that time (you'd need half an hour on the
reboots alone!).
Installing a VMWare client for Windows 98 takes longer than installing
SuSE from scratch.

Also once you have KDE 2 installed, life can be very simple for even
naive users.

The comparisons are unfair because very few 'naive' users buy windows
systems where they have to do the initial partitioning and install
themselves. They nearly always buy preloaded systems with all the MS
software preinstalled.

Also bear in mind that installs from vendors like SuSE have to take the
trouble to worry about what windows partition's there may be on there
and offer dual-host capability. No Windows install is ever gonna concern
itself with non-MS software (ie viral software in the words of BG).

Tim Harrell

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ron Cordell [mailto:roncordell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 1:04 AM
> To: Daniel Woodard; SLE
> Subject: Re: [SLE] SuSE CTO and President Steps Down
> You touch on a very important point. Nobody wants to spend
> the time knowing
> how the OS works in order to get their job done - they just
> want to start
> working and be productive. Nowadays, it is *much* easier to
> be there on
> Linux, so that is good, but it is nowhere near as
> mind-numbingly easy as it
> is on Windows. Some will argue that is a good thing, however,
> most of the
> planet doesn't want or care to know those details - they just
> want it to work.
> It is extra effort on my part to be able to work on a Linux
> platform, even
> for software development, but I do it because it is valuable
> in other ways.
> On Tuesday 28 August 2001 05:10 pm, Daniel Woodard wrote:
> > >And think of it this way, there is still NO product activation!
> >
> > I hope Activation has some sort of effect on somebody- read
> Corporate IS. I
> > won't go near the thing, sticking with W2k forever it looks
> like (on the
> > Windows side, I also use MacOS as well- each machine it's task).
> >
> > One thing though, the fatal flaw is Linux on workstations. I've been
> > dorking around with linux for years now, and I still think
> it's quite hard
> > to do a lot configuration stuff. I could not get my partner
> to suffer the
> > same learning curve, so I'm the lone Linux guy here.
> >
> > My primary job is video/graphics/multimedia production and
> I feel like,
> > even by using Linux on our servers, I'm an exception to the
> rule. Other
> > people in my position would never go through what I went
> through to get
> > even "sort of" proficient at Linux.
> >
> > If you live and breath sys admin, then of course it's easy.
> If it's the 7th
> > of 10 (time consuming) hats you wear, Linux can be very
> hard to use. I
> > still "break" things and then have a really hard time
> getting it to work
> > again. Lib this, permission that, missing this, on and on.
> Yeah, I love the
> > power, but for me it's an extended hobby/passion of love
> thing. Like I
> > said, others in my shoes would never go through the
> learning curve and
> > would opt for a Mac server, or a Windows server.
> >
> > Example: I bought Cold Fusion 5 and Generator DE for Linux.
> PHP is hard for
> > me, and while I continue to dick around with it, I'm more
> productive in CF.
> > Well, CF is very very very easy to install on SuSE. I never did get
> > Generator to install on the same server. I spent days, I
> recompiled Apache,
> > messed with java implementaion (way over my head) and ended
> up with no
> > working Generator DE server, and I was worn out. Now
> Generator is on W2k
> > sitting next to my SuSE/Cold Fusion server. The windows
> install was a
> > breeze.
> >
> > OK, I was 1 for 2 there- CF on Linux, Generator on W2k.
> >
> > Yeah, they could write better installers or whatever, but
> still, the real
> > world here.
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