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I didn't get Ximained, but I got HighPointed!!
Well, here I am worried about the Ximian install hosing my sys and it went
relatively smooth. Then I think I'll put my new HD on the hpt370 interface,
format, give a few gig's to Windblows for more games and the rest to Linux.
1st mistake - using the "Max-Blast" disk to partition. Ya, it Max Blasted me!
I wanted to install the dreaded "EZ-Bios" arrgghhh! Off set the partition be
66 sectors and screwed the whole thing up. I went into the "advanced" option
(ya sure, what ever you say maxtor), and removed the damn thing. Well, got
the partitions back to the proper sectors but lost all the Linux drive labels
(no / or /home, or /usr - just ext2 partit's) and of course
"kernel-panic/can't mount root partition". Also, the Windblows D
drive/partit was changec to the 1st partition of the Maxtor on the hpt370,
and of course Windblows got real stupid about it and wouldn't boot. So, wipe
all but the C drive, re-part, format, spend half the day with Norton DiskDoc
and utilities getting M$ crap to behave, and the other half re-installing
Linux. I would really like it if there was a Linux program apart from the
CDRom install that would let you re-label the parts. I know that If I could
have just labelled the ext2 parts to the right labels that Linux would have
boot. But I was clueless as to how to do this from the rescue - since it
sets up a ramdisk and, try as I might could get anything to go beyond read
only format.

If anyone knows how to A) partition new hd's from linux in both fat32 and
ext2 (but overriddingly in ext2) and B) How to solve boot problems when the
root part is no found but exists Please tell me. Well, anyway, the
partitions are set up and the HPT370 is running in Linux (don't even want to
deal with a raid setup now) and I have all this space in Windblows to load
the plethera of games and have, by no design of my own, cleared out 90% of
the crap on the M$ drives.

OH WELL, live and learn - don't use EZ-Bios - the damn thing thinks were
still in the mid 80's and bound to 2 gig partitions with dumb mobo bioses,
I wish Maxtor would get a clue.

Cheers, Curtis

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