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Re: [SLE] 7.2 Update question - newbie
As far as I know there really isn't something like an update, SuSE's packages are always complete.


--On Tuesday, August 28, 2001 09:18:53 PM -0400 Paul Babiak <paulbabiak@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm brand new to Linux, and I've decided to give SuSE a shot as my first
distro. I purchased a package of "used" software including both SuSE
Professional 7.1 and SuSE Professional 7.2, complete with all
documentation. The 7.2 box says "UPDATE", but seems to be the complete
Professional package.

Question: Do I need to install 7.1 and then upgrade to 7.2, or can I
just go right to 7.2 with the package I have? Thanks.

Paul Babiak

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