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Re: [SLE] fstab - sys reinstall
On Tuesday 28 August 2001 9:06 pm, Daniel Woodard wrote:
> Yeah, I let SuSE partition. I selected to install on the 15GB drive, which
> it did.
> It wrote:
> /dev/hdb1 /data1
> /dev/sda1 /data2
> into fstab. I tried to edit the above, but no.
> Then I appended my /mirror /basement and no.
> Would it be easier to reinstall and hand pick my mounts (it's fresh, I've
> configured nothing until I get these partitions to mount)

I always set my own mounts - SuSE will just create / (root), swap and /boot
for you automatically. It's much better to have partitions for / (root),
/usr, /var, /opt etc. for (at least) two reasons:

1. Upgrading is easier since you can keep some filesystems intact (e.g.
2. If a drive is inadvertently filled up you won't loose the system if there
are separate partitions for each mount point.

This is what I'd do (guide only):

/ (root) 500MB
/boot 1 block (15MB)
/opt 2.5GB
/tmp 1GB (enough room for an ISO image)
/usr 2.5GB
/var 500MB
/home Whatever you want! 100MB or more per user

You still have loads of space left! Perhaps you'll want to try the LVM?


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