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Re: [SLE] SSH & Public Keys
On 28 Aug 2001 13:47:14 -0400, dog@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> on the client, do this
> ssh-keygen and enter no passphrase. this generates an identity and an
> in /home/username/.ssh/
> now copy the to the remote machine and put it in
> /home/username/.ssh/ but rename it to authorized_keys
> now try to login via ssh and it should just go without a password prompt

This is a bad idea, IMHO. You should always use a passphrase with your
SSH keys. You should have some form of proof of identity if you want
to use ssh -- preferably either a passphrase or an authorized key held
by ssh-agent. Otherwise, if say, your account gets compromised and the
cracker finds that your ssh key has no passphrase, he only needs to look
at the authorized_keys file for a list of your accounts on other hosts
he can try. Bad news.


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