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Re: [SLE] SSH & Public Keys
On 28 Aug 2001 13:37:32 -0400, Timothy R.Butler wrote:
> I use ssh and scp a lot, so I would like to avoid typing in my
> password
> every time I want to copy a file, or type a command on my remote server.
> I
> know that I should copy my, and put it in ~/.ssh over on
> the
> remote server, but what else do I need to do? It seems that isn't
> enough, as
> I still have to type my password to login.

You need to run ssh-agent on the local machine to make your
private key available and ssh-add to add it to the agent. I have
the following lines in my .bash_profile:

eval `/usr/bin/ssh-agent`

This will add two variables to your environment:

If you're running Gnome, ssh-askpass will pop up a box for you
to enter your passphrase when you login. (Not sure about KDE; I think
it will automatically do this even without those lines, as long as it
finds a private SSH key under your home directory.)

On the remote machine, make sure you copy your local
into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, instead of ~/.ssh/ I actually
collect all of my public keys into one authorized_keys file and use scp
to transfer it.


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