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Re: [SLE] HPT370 binary drivers
On Monday 27 August 2001 4:08 pm, Emilio wrote:
> Hi everybody! Last week I've been posting asking for help about setting
> up the recently released new RAID-drivers for this controller. The basic
> problem is that HighPoint Tech. decided to release this driver in binary
> form so I'm going crazy with module dependencies and kernel versions.
> Actually they've released two modules one for 2.2.18 and another for
> 2.4.0-4GB kernel and the two kernels built together: the first is quite
> working but is quite old and USB isn't supported; 2.4.0-4GB (that I
> obtained thanks to the precious help of Martin Webster) is a mess: all
> the modules I need that I compiled from the source 2.4.0 tree when
> modprobed result in an error saying that 'they where compiled for kernel
> 2.4.0 but I'm using kernel-2.4.0-4GB'
> (although 'make modules_install' correctly installed them into
> /lib/modules/2.4.0-4GB/). I tried 'insmod -f' which seems to work but I
> can't load all modules manually!!!
> Please help me! But also send a mail to support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> asking to release drivers in source whether you owe this controller
> or simply support the Open Source philosophy.

Just stumbled across this (someone seems to have SuSE 7.2 and HPT370 raid
working): You may
get some help here.


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