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Re: [SLE] Resier FS
On Tuesday 28 August 2001 2:33 pm, Martin, Guillen wrote:
> Can somebody tell me the key points to select reiserfs or ext2?
> I don't care about what fs to use (at least to now) so I want to know the
> options that I have.
> PD: I want to use Oracle so may be is a good moment to say what is the best
> fs to it.

ReiserFS is a journaling file system. Changes to the file system affecting
more than one block are only made once meta data is written to a journal. In
the event of data loss (which can still occur with ReiserFS) the file system
can be reconstructed because the meta data is intact. This takes only a few
seconds compared to an ext2 file system check, which may take a few minutes.
However, there is an overhead; write access to the hard disk occurs more
often since changes are recorded before they are executed.

In summary, the advantages of ReiserFS are:

- Fast file system checks at boot time.
- System crashes/improper shutdown can be recovered quickly.
- Quicker than ext2 with small files (they are located directly in the tree)
and where there's a large number of files in a directory.
- Hard disk space is utilised much better than ext2.
- Although there are more disk accesses ReiserFS is more efficient.

I've used ReiserFS since SuSE 7.0 and haven't had any problems whatsoever.
Use it with LVM and you can emulate RAID 0 (striping not redundancy); another
performance boost if you have SCSI.


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