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7.2 ODBC to NT MS Access
Hi guys,

At one time in ancient history, I had iODBC installed on a much older version
of SuSE. It wasn't too difficult to figure out, though I never had occasion
to put it to use.

SuSE 7.2 apparently has two different ODBC systems, packages unixODBC and
another, which seems to be more of a default, and which clashes with the
unixODBC package. What is the other system? I'm guessing that it's a
SuSE-specific modification of iODBC...

Since I'm unable to define it, I have no idea where to look for its
documentation on how to set it up. If there are any recent clues on how to do
this easily, whether on the SuSE site or on a website or in a previous
thread, I would appreciate any help you can point me to. My eventual goal is
to use the OpenLink driver to access a MS Access 95 database running on WinNT

One other point of confusion is that, at one time, I thought the OpenLink
drivers were distributed commercially only, in a group costing around $1500.
Recently, I seem to have downloaded the Access drivers for both the NT and
the Linux sides of the connection for free. What gives? Have the drivers
become free?


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