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Re: [SLE] Konqueror eating up memory - solved
One thing I hate about Linux is that sometimes you are forced to find things
out for yourself .... :-) This post is just in case anyone else has the same

Taking my life in my hands, I renamed /home/kevin/.kde2 to
/home/kevin/.kde2.old, and logged out of and back in to KDE. The default KDE
theme was enabled, so I changed that back to the SuSE one by going to K >
Preferences > SuSE Desktop > select theme. Launching Konqueror as browser or
filemanager showed no memory-eating problems - hooray! I copied over some
folders (eg the kmail and knode folders) from .kde2.old/share/apps to the
equivalent place in .kde2, and also some config files (eg kmailrc) from

So all's well that ends well.


On Tuesday 21 August 2001 00:34, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> Help! For some reason today my PC locked up hard, and only a reboot would
> help. I had just installed TrueType fonts yesterday, and was using SSH
> when the lockup happened, but I don't really think either of those could
> have had anything to do with it.
> After some investigation, the problem seems to be that Konqueror, as either
> browser or file-manager, goes into some sort of loop in which it never
> loads, and just eats up all the memory, swap, CPU etc until the PC hangs.
> What is the best way to deal with this, short of a reinstall? Is it worth
> trying to uninstall kdebase via YAST, and then reinstall it? And should I
> try to do this from a CTRL-ALT-F2 type console, or would it be better to
> boot into runlevel 2 at startup?
> Any words of wisdom gratefully received!
> Kevin

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