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Re: [SLE] Another UPS Thread
  • From: Nick Webb <nickw@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 11:51:44 -0700
  • Message-id: <3B82ADC0.F13D91D6@xxxxxxxxxx>
I don't know if this helps, but I tried both and ended up using apcupsd (from
building source) . . . smartups only works for APC Smart-UPSs, I had bad luck
with getting upsilon to work, and I'm pretty sure both of those packages do not
work together. They were provided to use one or the other, but having both
installed shouldn't cause any problems.

David Grove wrote:

> Separate from the current two UPS threads, I have some additional questions.
> 1. SuSE 7.2 distributes two packages, smartups and upsilon. Do these work
> together? Do these cancel each other out? (At one time I had both mdutils and
> raidtools and had to pay SuSE for them to tell me that only one could be
> installed at a time... bad dependency rules.)
> 2. I've edited /etc/rc.config.d/smartups.rc.config and SuSEConfig did its
> thang. However, when testing it (it did sorta work), it halted without
> unmounting the drives. Is this correct behavior? Is there a way to force it
> to unmount drives? Protecting my data is the primary reason for using this
> software. If it just simulates a power outage before the UPS runs out of
> power, it's not much good.

No, that is bad. It certainly should unmount all the filesystems before it shuts

> 3. What's all this network connection stuff? I just want it to safely
> power-off the machine when the power goes out. I don't want to monitor the
> entire network's power. (upsmon is complaining in xconsole ['unable to login
> to localhost access denied'] because it can't connect to localhost. What is
> upsmon and is this the reason it isn't unmounting the drives and powering
> down gracefully?)
> pete
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