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Another UPS Thread
Separate from the current two UPS threads, I have some additional questions.

1. SuSE 7.2 distributes two packages, smartups and upsilon. Do these work
together? Do these cancel each other out? (At one time I had both mdutils and
raidtools and had to pay SuSE for them to tell me that only one could be
installed at a time... bad dependency rules.)

2. I've edited /etc/rc.config.d/smartups.rc.config and SuSEConfig did its
thang. However, when testing it (it did sorta work), it halted without
unmounting the drives. Is this correct behavior? Is there a way to force it
to unmount drives? Protecting my data is the primary reason for using this
software. If it just simulates a power outage before the UPS runs out of
power, it's not much good.

3. What's all this network connection stuff? I just want it to safely
power-off the machine when the power goes out. I don't want to monitor the
entire network's power. (upsmon is complaining in xconsole ['unable to login
to localhost access denied'] because it can't connect to localhost. What is
upsmon and is this the reason it isn't unmounting the drives and powering
down gracefully?)


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