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Re: [SLE] Re: LinuxCAD 2000

sure, youre right.
but anyway, i just signed up and submitted a whish for a linux version.

it would be nice if others would do this too.....
how many people are on this list ? if everyone of us here submits a whish
for a linux version, maybe we can force them a little to think about that seriously ...
it takes some time to sign up, ok, but if we never try, nothing would happen at all...
its up to us to "force" them (and others too) to make linux versions of the software.



Am Dienstag, 21. August 2001 06:12 schrieb S.Toms:
> On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Christian Klippel wrote:
> ck> hi,
> ck>
> ck> if i remeber correctly, there was an autocad for unix (at least in
> ck> the past) maybe it runs with one of the binary emulators that
> ck> linux provides in its kernel ??? and maybe we can all send mails
> ck> to autodesk, asking them for a linux version ?? if there was an
> ck> unix version, it should be no big trouble for them to do a linux
> ck> version too ......
> ck>
> Autodesk AutoCAD r.12 was the last version that was ported to Microsoft,
> Macintosh and Unix OS's. As far as getting Autodesk to write one for
> Linux, don't count on it. There are no plans (I know one of the
> programmers for Autodesk Designer) to port it Linux in the forseeable
> future. Of course, this was January I asked him about it, so who
> knows.
> The best bet will be to start playing around with AutoCAD and Wine and
> see if you can get as many error messages or as much information as
> possible to forward to the developers of Wine. That's probably going to be
> the best way.
> ck> greets,
> ck>
> ck> chris
> ck>
> ck> Am Dienstag, 21. August 2001 05:17 schrieb Doug McGarrett:
> ck> > Perhaps you are unaware that Visio is now a part of Microsoft, and
> ck> > as such, is unlikely to ever write anything that will run on Linux.
> ck> > Go to the website yourself and see. --dm
> ck> >
> ck> >
> ck>
> ck>

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