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Re: [SLE] GPL ? possibly [OT]
  • From: Mark Hounschell <dmarkh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 06:39:57 -0400
  • Message-id: <3B80E8FD.3F09011D@xxxxxxxxxx>
Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> > Sorry if this is OT. I've read the GPL and still don't quite
> > understand somthing. If I read it right I cannot link a Non-GPL closed
> > source app against a GPL library. Is this the case?
> You read right. You can not link to a GPL library and distribute the
> result as a proprietry program.
> > Also if that is
> > the case what about include files. Can I use includes to GPL header
> > files in my closed source Non-GPL app?
> You could so long as you continued to distribute the header file under the
> GPL and you didn't link to any GPL'd libraries and distribute the result,
> which would be unlikely if you were using the header files.
> Mind that most significant libraries are distributed under the Lesser GPL
> which as an exception allows them to be linked to by non-GPL programmes.
> What library are you trying to use?
> Jonathan Riddell

There are a couple. One in particular is for a digi serial port card. Their driver for
it appears to be GPL but part of this app uses it and I need to include one of the header
files and link against it's library. So I guess I can't do that as far as the library goes
but how about the include file? I guess the thing to do would be to contact them and
see what they are willing to do with us.


Mark Hounschell

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