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Re: [SLE] Two Hubs
Thanks to all who responded. I'll consolidate my replies here.

This d-link is a 5 port + shared uplink (5 is 5 or uplink). The uplink simply
doesn't work. The uplink port may be flubbed.

However, I have another suspicion. I once had a Lynksys hub. It said that it
could only be uplinked to other Lynksys hubs. I've a strange feeling that the
d-link hub might be the same way.

Either way, my solution is to get a new hub for Hub B.

Thanks again,


On Wednesday 08 August 2001 15:29, Stefan Nilsen wrote:
> > I have a problem. Thought you might have a clue or have run into this
> > before.
> Sure have.
> > I have two hubs, let's call them A and B. (Physically, A is a big mama,
> > and B is a dinky D-Link.) I have four rooms, A, B, C, and D. (Physically,
> > A is
> Check if there is a switch on the D-Link to change the highest numbered
> port (in my hub, port #5) between Uplink (internal cross over) or Normal.
> Change it to Uplink.
> Connect a normal cable from big mama on any port in the middle of the hub
> (to be sure you don't choose an uplink port) to the highest numbered port
> on the D-Link. Connect the computers to the other ports (be sure to avoid
> any uplink ports) and then it should work.
> If it doesn't then ?%&%&/)/(gdfg

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