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Re: [SLE] usb ide removable hard drive
  • From: "Greg Krpan" <krpan@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 08:47:14 -0500
  • Message-id: <OF82C57F0F.BBE9AA76-ON86256AA4.004B5371@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm assuming that turning on SCSI emulation just means activating the SCSI
modules in the kernel.

The first thing you'll want to do is dreate a tarball of /boot. That way
you can preserve your existing kernel. After that, you can recompile the

To recompile, cd into /usr/src/linux, and run "make menuconfig". It will
bring up a menu system which will allow you to select new kernel
parameters. If you don't have the ncurses library installed, you'll get an
error. Don't worry, though, you can run "make config" instead. It will
just take a little longer.

If you're using the menuconfig option, scroll down the list to "SCSI
Support". Within that sub-menu, you can enable "SCSI Support" and "SCSI
Disk Support" You may also want to select some of the options, such as
"Enable extra checks...", "Probe all LUNs...", adn "SCSI logging facility."

Was there any mention of a SCSI device that it emulates? If so, there may
be a driver for that device under "SCSI low-level drivers". Take a check
in there and see if the device is listed.

Once you've selected the options, you can exit the menu system, and can
compile the new kernel. It will probably list 3 options for the kernel
build- use "make install", and that will create your new kernel. Once the
kernel is created, copy it into /boot. I use lilo as a boot manager, so
that's what I'll describe next. If you use loadlin or something else, you
may need to do things a little differently to activate your new kernel.
Edit /etc/lilo.conf to reflect the new kernel (if the name is different
than the default kernel). Run "lilo" to reset the boot image. This needs
to be done to let the system know the kernel has changed. Reboot, and
things should be good.

Hope this helps!!


Robert Barish
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Subject: Re: [SLE] usb ide removable hard drive
07:07 PM

Upon further investigation from, it looks like the very

first thing that needs to be done is to turn on scsi emulation. Do I need
do this by recompiling the kernel. Any thoughts?



Greg Krpan (krpan@xxxxxxxx)
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