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Dial on Demand
Hi everyone

I've just got SuSE 7.2 (kernel 2.4.4) installed on my home pc and have
configured dial-on-demand to connect to my ISP (dynamic IP addressing) using
the supplied wvdial.dod script. Everything works fine (almost).

When using any flavour of Netscape or Mozilla, and Galeon, the first request
to a remote site when the modem is down does not work. The "not found"
message comes back after modem has connected. Hitting the refresh button
after this has no effect, but refreshing the URL by double clicking the
address then hitting enter loads the site immediately .

The puzzling thing is that if I use Konquerer, I do not get this problem.
This browser somehow waits until the IP connection is established - maybe it
is sending the initial request multiple times, rather than just waiting for
a response to the first until it times out as the other browsers/mail
clients seem to do. Or maybe the time out settings are different.

I have tried the various suggestions regarding ip_dynaddr and aysnc dns for
Netscape/Mozilla, with no effect. I have also tried using ip_resend, the
utility shipped with my dist.

I am thinking that tweaking the Mozilla preferences might help, although I
have already tried putting massive numbers into any which seem to relate to
timeouts for DNS, IP, HTTP etc, without any success. Could it be that I need
to repeat the request after a specified time if no reply is received, and
can this be set anywhere in the Mozilla conf files? Does anyone know their
way round the Mozilla config files?

Many thanks,


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I have the similar problem, but the two subnet are working on DHCP, no
static IP to the hungry workstation.

Any idea?

> It seems that you already know the answer. iptraf will easily tell you
> what IP address is getting the most traffic.
> The one sticky point is that the machine running iptraf must sit at a
> point on the network where it can see all the traffic. If your LAN is
> supported by a switch rather than a hub, you'll have to figure out how to
> put one port of that switch into a promiscuous monitor mode.
> ..or insert a small hub in the ethernet link between the 2610 and the
> switch, and monitor from there.

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