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[SLE] A French ISDN USB device...
  • From: pierre@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001 07:33:30 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <15218.8362.943446.907513@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Joost van der Lugt writes:
> So, well, a question for a knowledgeable person on the subject.
> I have one of these, called Djinn Numeris USB.
> And now of course I have no idea what to do with it; I already received the advice to boil
> it with froglegs, in a bitbucket and somesuch, and that it will work fine then(and no, you
> don't want to know who wrote that, he knows it when he reads this...), however my thought
> was, I should be able to get it to work...
This is an isdn device.
afaik, is should work fine on a windoze machine.
afaik, it wont work on a linux machine: the dialog on the usb port is
not the classical modem "at" dialog. I made the mistake of buying such
a device (not djinn, but usb isdn), had to give it up and buy a card.
Or if someone knows better please tell me! (after all, no device is
forever unlinuxable, just waiting for someone to write the driver...
My experience was 5 months ago).

Pierre Imbaud <pierre@xxxxxxxxx>
12 Rue des Bosquets 91480 Quincy Sous Sénart France
Tel: 01 69 00 94 57 Fax 09 47

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