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Re: [SLE] Two Hubs
  • From: Paul Abrahams <abrahams@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 12:50:05 -0400
  • Message-id: <3B716DBD.9789A2B3@xxxxxxx>
David Grove wrote:
> I have a problem. Thought you might have a clue or have run into this before.
> I have two hubs, let's call them A and B. (Physically, A is a big mama, and B
> is a dinky D-Link.) I have four rooms, A, B, C, and D. (Physically, A is
> where I work, and B is where I've moved the machines to lower the heat in
> this small room.) Hub A is in room A, hub B is in room B. I have Cat5 going
> from rooms B, C, and D to room A to connect the house to a central point.
> Some background. Two days ago, Hub B didn't exist, and all of the machines
> were in room A save one. This made it almost too hot to work during summer
> days in here. So I moved all machines but one into room B last night.
> There are now 4 machines in Room B on hub B. There is one machine in room A.
> My intention was to link Hub A to Hub B. I've tried the "uplink" port of hub
> B as well as a standard port going to Hub A. Neither of them allowed any
> machine connected to Hub A communicate with any machine connected to Hub B. I
> have no idea what's wrong with this setup. The cable was straight-through
> Cat5 and not a crossover. The only solution that I've been able to get
> working is to directly connect the sole machine in Room A to the hub in Room
> B using single wire connecting the two rooms. This leaves rooms C and D dead,
> and no ability to use my laptop which is usually connected to room C.
> I need to have a hub in both rooms A and B.
> Any ideas what might be wrong?

I might be stating the obvious since you clearly know what you're about,
but have you applied a cable tester to all your cables? It sounds as
though you might have made some physical changes to them. The cable
tester I have has a remote unit and a sender (in one configuration), and
I already found one bad connection with it. Failing that, you might be
able to test your cables by hooking them directly between machines and
bypassing the hubs. Another thing I'd try would be interchanging the
locations of the hubs, if that's possible.


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