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Re: [SLE] critisism toward SuSE 7.2
  • From: "Fergus Wilde" <fwilde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 15:01:57 +0100
  • Message-id: <009801c12012$b04e34a0$e5195882@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jaakko Tamminen" <jtamminen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Fergus Wilde" <fwilde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2001 12:24 PM
Subject: Re: [SLE] critisism toward SuSE 7.2

> Hi
> >> > It all started when samba did not work with my LAN. There is nothing
> > > special about my LAN.
> > Samba works with LANs. You haven't configured it properly.
> It was actually SuSEfirewall blocking port 136 for LAN access. And I cant
> figure out why?.. To my mind there is no need to block that for LAN.. And
> said "no" to fw_protect_from_internal.. that should be enough, and no need
> explicit allow port 136 access for local computers..

No disrespect then, but Samba did work with your LAN. You just hadn't set
up the firewall properly. If you have two NICs, and have correctly
identified the one going to the internal network, as the config file
describes, then I'm surprised you found 136 blocked on the internal
network. These things can happen.

> And there was no document describing that anywhere... The only mention was
> inside smbprint-script, but then again, how many of us would have known

It's not your ideas or suggestions anyone has a problem with, it's your
approach. In buying a Linux distribution, you're buying the expertise and
effort it took to assemble a free OS, provided from components freely
contributed by talented hobbyists / spare time programmers, often of some
brilliance, and send it out in a nice packaged way. The point I'm making to
you is that if you want to go the Linux route you're joining in with an
adventure, with lots of potential friends to help you get where you're

Your emails, which are largely lists of complaints, aren't helping anyone
join in. Remember, when you unpack the cds, you have to break a seal
accepting the exclusion of warranty. It's NOT the same as buying a
commercial OS. It's not like buying a new Ford. I've had all manner of help
from nice folks on this list. Starting in with 'I'm bored' is not going to
attract helpful comment.

> It is just too much to go deep into logs, start few xterm-monitors and try
> figure out what is going wrong.. I'm just setting up a printer for crying
> loud!
> To me this is a stupid way of setting up a firewall.. SuSE should be more
> careful when blocking internal access..

Write another. I thought the manual for it was clear enough, in fact. If
logs and config files make you tired, no *nix based system is going to be
for you, is it?

> I'm waiting what more do I find in there.. But to be honest, it does a
> job blocking the outside-world, and maquerade works as it should do!

Well that's not so bad then. Will Win98 etc. do this?

> > > The linux-box does not work properly with 2.4.5-4G kernel.. The line
> > > keeps coming down randomly..
> > Why not use the kernel issued with the distribution then?

> Exatly what I did.

Mine came with kernel 2.4.4 IIRC - my apologies if yours came with 2.4.5-4G
> > > I want the VPN up now, and not spending a week worth of hours just to
> > > make custom system, that after crash is close to impossible to
> > >
> > > With M$ it is a very simple task!
> >
> > Fine, use Windows. It's a free world.
> With VPN it seems so.. even that people say Linux is like home in
> environment.. but VPN is not a new thing, and should work "out-of-the-box"
> without need for custom kernel etc...
> It is just a plain tunnel between 2 known IPs... but in order to do that I
> should go and download a different kernel, then patch it, then get some
> stuff.. compile it, find that it need some more stuff.. download and
> try.. read tons of documents, spend few nights and finally has a system
> works without knowing what is really needed and why.
> Then after after a year or so, a major crash (HD-failure) I should
> how it was done, and do it all over again.. perhaps then there is new
> versions, so the old setup is not possible to be duplicated.
> This is a big No No!
> The VPN should work "out-of-the-box", no question about it.

Seems you would indeed be best with an out-of-the-box solution, as you say.
If you pay for it, no doubt you'll get it. Obviously since this is so easy
to set up under MS, that's the way you should go.

> This makes me think, that Linux is still not for serious stuff.. only for
> people who want to play around in a sand-pit...??
Well let us get back to our mud pies and sandcastles while you do something
more adult, then. Must be going, as it's nearly time for my nappy to be

All the best

> J. Tamminen

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