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Re: [SLE] critisism toward SuSE 7.2
On Tuesday 07 August 2001 22:28, Craig Sampson wrote:
> >1)
> >The linux-box does not work properly with 2.4.5-4G kernel.. The
> >line keeps
> >coming down randomly..
> I know what you're saying. If you've come to Linux late you'll be
> used to kernel 2.2.x - the last few revisions of this kernel have
> been as solid as a rock...really, the best ever made for Linux. It
> should be no real surprise that in going to a completely new kernel
> model things will go pear shaped for a while.
> Stick with a mature kernel, something like 2.2.19, its mature,
> stable, relatively secure and just .... works
> >No help whatsoever.. No manuals tells anything about this kind of
> >problem. No
> >log reveils even where to look for!
> After an initial look at the 2.4.x kernels and distro's that came
> with this kernel I've given up. Its not mature and breaks many
> existing (previously) stable software packages.
> Don't knock yourself out using immature software unless you love
> doing this sort of thing.

Using 2.4.7 here... nothing broken. Not my experience at all.

> >Went back to kernel 2.2.19, but then I loose the VPN stuff, and
> >that was the
> >reason in the first place for me to get SuSE 7.2.
> You lose VPN? Hmm. A close associate of mine has had his VPN
> running on Debian Linux since kernel 2.2.5 (I think...maybe earlier)
> so there are definately VPN possibilities without having to use
> kernel 2.4.x

Running VPN here.. works fine.

> >Now it is useless, waste of money...
> In my humble opinion SuSE 7.2 is not a finished production ready
> product. Its also my opinion that SuSE have not done themselves any
> favours in their clients eyes by releasing such a piece of work.

Not my experience at all.

> Whilst the problems are not really SuSE's fault, it -was- their own
> decision and noone elses, to release this product before it was
> stable and fully tested.
> This was not your fault and I can understand if you feel burned by
> the experience. Its also particularly nasty because you cant
> download and trial the full SuSE ISO as there is none available.
> So, it comes down to 'punters luck' which IMHO is unacceptable for a
> distribution that purports to be for serious business use.
> SuSE 7.1 was slightly better but still buggy enough to not make it
> onto any of our production servers. My advice, if you're even
> interested at this point in remaining with SuSE, is to download or
> ftp install SuSE 6.4 which (IMHO) was ther last stable and business
> worthy SuSE product.

Hmmm There seems to be a pattern forming here......

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