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Re: [SLE] Funny kernel thing
  • From: Robert Stia <rnr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 20:05:43 -0400
  • Message-id: <3B708257.9792162B@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Tazio Ceri wrote:
> Robert Stia wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Running Suse 7.1. Originally installed kernel 2.4.o with distro. Had
> > everything
> > (mostly) working including my US Robotics PCI modem. It installed at
> > ttyS2.
> >
> > Upgraded to kernel 2.4.4 and it changed the device for the modem to
> > ttyS4. ???
> > Upgraded again to 2.4.7 and have the same thing.
> >
> > Can't get pppd working because there is no option to change from ttyS2
> > to ttyS4
> > on the graphical setup. Don't know what script of where to make the
> > change manually.
> > Yast will not change it.
> >
> > Anybody else have this happen? and any ideas on how to fix it??
> >
> > Bob S.
> Yast (1) should do that. Try to configure wvdial once again,
> it should work.
> But if I am not wrong, you should have a link under /dev/modem
> which points to the correct ttySx for your modem.
> Try to check this too.
> Hope it helps.
> Tazio
Thanks for the reply Tazio.

Evidently I did not make myself clear. wvdial does work, and I had to
reconfigure it with Yast 1 when I upgraded to the new kernel. What does
not work is the "Internet Dialer" {Kppp ?}the regular ordinary pppd
Yast concerns itself only with wvdial. (I use both to connect to two
different accounts)

You are correct that there is a link from /dev/modem to ttyS2. I could
probably delete that link and make a new link to point to ttyS4 but I am
not sure how to do that without deleting ttyS2 altogether. Evidently
doesn't care about this link because it works with that erroneous link
place. (dialing out using ttyS4}

What bothers me is why should an upgrade in the kernel change this

Bob S

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