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Re: [SLE] critisism toward SuSE 7.2

> > conscience; I cannot support and organisation that actively obstructs
> > Open Standards.
> Exactly. MS will keep doing it as long as the customers keep putting up
> with it. Customers should stand up and refuse to accept closed,
> proprietary standards. I think perhaps this is gradually starting to

I agree.

> happen, but there are still too many people and organizations who act
> as though nothing else exists but MS, and therefore they simply take
> whatever MS dishes out.

I believe that by showing what Linux or any other OS can or can not do,
benefits everyone.

M$ will still make their money, but different OS could show their power where
they have it.

This could make networking more safe and faster, privacy better protected, it
would keep pricelevel where it should be (both SW and HW) etc...

And that I think it is very important to realise, that Linux is not for all
places, nor are any other OS... All have their good and bad sides.

J. Tamminen

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