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Re: [SLE] critisism toward SuSE 7.2
If you decide to go back to Microsoft remember this; you are being led down a
blind alley. Microsoft hates anything Open Source/Open Standards and continue
to de-commodatise protocals and applications (i.e. remove standards) so that
it is harder for Open Source developers to implement standards. That's why
Samba will always play "catch-up". Other evidence of this is can be shown in
Microsoft's implementation of Kerberos - by adding its own extensions they
prevent other implementations (e.g. Linux) working on Microsoft networks. So
for me, Linux is not just about convenience but also conscience; I cannot
support and organisation that actively obstructs Open Standards.

Whatever, you do, keep one Linux box going - even if it's just a Web Server.
;-) That's how I started; I needed to emulate my ISPs environment and built a
Linux box. I soon realised that it wasn't practical to have all these add-on
application in Windows (e.g. FTP, SecureCRT etc.) when they were native to
UNIX and Linux. So I gradually moved over to Linux; I can't see myself ever
going back now. Others (i.e business) will follow because they see that the
Microsoft model is doomed.

BTW, my original post had a significant typo:

> > And, what can £50 by you from Microsoft (you certainly do get a manual)?

It should have read "...And, what can £50 buy you from Microsoft (you
certainly don't get a manual)?"


On Tuesday 07 August 2001 6:43 pm, Jaakko Tamminen wrote:
> Hi M
> Thank You for understanding my point of view. It was not a threat, maybe
> more like critisism in constructive sende written in "samba-anger"..
> Sometimes it just does not feel right to fight over a simple task, and find
> no glue what in the world is going wrong.
> J. Tamminen
> Viestissä Tiistai 7. Elokuuta 2001 08:35, kirjoitit:
> > I agree with the comments made thus far. I've made the switch to Linux in
> > the last month or so even though I've been looking at SuSE since 6.1.
> > It's now mature enough for my needs.
> >
> > What supprises me is that Jaakko's had problem's in area's where Linux
> > normally runs circles around Windows. Furthermore, you won't get the same
> > community (and the help and support that comes with it) from Windows.
> > And, what can £50 by you from Microsoft (you certainly do get a manual)?

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