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Re: [SLE] Again problem with samba
  • From: "Ivan Gustin" <ivan.gustin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 20:59:51 +0200
  • Message-id: <02ba01c11f75$81f77f00$3264a8c0@xxxxxxxx>
> Another problem with samba...
> My SuSE 7.2 server has smb running, and I can see the shares and printer
> xfsamba / smbclient, and I can mount the shares, write to them etc...
> But, a local win-98 computer does not see it!
> Win-98 does see my other SuSE 7.2 linux samba-shares in the same LAN.
> Configuration files are identical... And same SuSE version, same kind of
> installation etc...
> And my linux workstation can't print out to linux-server with samba... Nor
> can it print to Win-98 printer either.

Check your IP numbers (is it within same range), and Samba network option.
Have you TCP/IP on your Win98?

> So, this is worthless LAN... and people are saying that Linux lives
> in networks... would like to see that.

Yes, it is true. There is so many Linux Samba servers around, works well and
more reliable than MS Windows server itself.

> And there has been no answer to my prior message about printing problem,
> perhaps no one has made it work like me..?? It can't be so?

First, I never used CUPS, so I really can't help you.

Second... I've posted few question, too, and get no answer, but still I
don't think that nobody want to help me, but maybe I have so specific
problem that nobody here already have it. So, be patient, wait few days,
maybe somebody will help you. Remember, this is not official support, this
is just free help from other users. If you can't get answer, try somewhere

Ivan Gustin

> J. Tamminen
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