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Re: [SLE] critisism toward SuSE 7.2
  • From: StarTux <matthew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 09:59:23 -0700
  • Message-id: <3B701E6B.9040004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
daniel quinn wrote:
my biggest issue with linux
and especially suse
is that there are about 5 or 6 tools for each task
kde has too many mp3 players for my liking
in order to write an html program,
i'm looking at a choice of 10+ text editors
each with their own personal set of bugs

I for one welcome the coice that this brings. If I ws stuck with just xmms for example, well I would have been screwed as it is playing back MP3's in a very weird way now. Luckily noatun was included. But I ahve other options too..

brian's right
linux is maturing - rather fast really
but if it's going to be successful
they should establish some sort of structure
as far as dominance goes.
that way more developers will be able to focus on one program
and develop that into a single powerful tool
we could say, preserve vi and quanta
one for quick command line editing
the other for webdev
but wading through a mess of badly organised
and buggy programs is not what end users want

...or am i wrong?

Every program has to go through a beta stage and with Linux that is not going to be hidden in some computer lab somewhere, in fact with the way Open Source works you can be the lab.Right now most programs seem to be beta.

I really do not believe in this "one desktop for all" approach, it has not hindered development as much as some people make out. Another thing to consider in this environment, everyone sees an opportunity to be top dog in their class. This is in fact exceedingly good, this is competition! On the Windows desktop you're be hard pressed to find anything radically new and that is worth the money and expense. Why should innovation be stifled by requiring all developers to work on single apps? To me the most important thing is file interoperability. This is the standard that should have been sowrn to over ten years ago.

Lets compare something real quick, ZoneAlarm vs my firewall box. Zonealarm is used by a lot of MSFT users, but its very annoying as it always pops up with this silly window, whilst my iptables based firewall is totally silent (and probably a lot more secure too).

If you want total structure, that exists in the KDE world pretty much...But I like having the choice.



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