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Re: [SLE] critisism toward SuSE 7.2
  • From: "Konstantin (Kastus) Shchuka" <kastus@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 09:44:33 -0700
  • Message-id: <20010807094433.A2171@xxxxxxxxx>
OK, let me share my thoughts.

On Tue, Aug 07, 2001 at 06:51:05PM +0300, Jaakko Tamminen wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm getting bored with SuSE 7.2 and Linux now... here are few reasons why...

You say Linux...

> It all started when samba did not work with my LAN. There is nothing special
> about my LAN.

Samba IS NOT EQUAL TO Linux. Samba runs on miriads of Unicies, and Linux
is just one of them. BTW, which samba version does not work for you?
Is it 2.2 or 2.0? Being specific sometimes helps to solve the problem.

> I have a linux-box as a firewall and printing server. It is connected with
> ADSL to internet.
> Then I have a linux workstation.
> Then there is win-98 machine too..
> 1)
> The linux-box does not work properly with 2.4.5-4G kernel.. The line keeps
> coming down randomly..

What kind of ADSL is it? Do you use dynamic IP?
Did you try 2.4.2 kernel?

> No help whatsoever.. No manuals tells anything about this kind of problem. No
> log reveils even where to look for!

Are you using PPPoE? Did you try increasing debug level in pppd?

Manuals? Did you try google to search for your kind of problem?

> Went back to kernel 2.2.19, but then I loose the VPN stuff, and that was the
> reason in the first place for me to get SuSE 7.2.
> Now it is useless, waste of money...

Who pushed on you to buy it? Why didn't you wait for ftp version or
try evaluation CD version first?

> There seems to be NO way to build a desent VPN with 2.2.xx kernel because
> lack of TUN/TAP devices, and unable to reach beond a NAT... crap!

What do you mean by "decent"? Poor man's VPN may be just ppp over ssh tunnel.

> And I simply don't want to compile a custom kernel for that, start patching
> and stuff.. it is just too much!

If you care, Linux is about having fun building custom kernels, compiling
programs, tweaking with setings. If you need your car hood weld shut, then
Linux is not for you.

> I want the VPN up now, and not spending a week worth of hours just to make
> custom system, that after crash is close to impossible to repeat...

Do you know how much _real_ VPN solution cost? Why don't you go and
by Nokia for your VPN.

> With M$ it is a very simple task!

Code red is simple.

> 2)
> I can not find any solution to read my digital camera FLAS-card with the
> USB-reader that came with it. It has been on the market for close to 2 year
> now.. Where is the driver??.

Who do you think should develop a driver? Manufacturer? He doesn't
see big enough demand to justify expenses for the development.
Some enthusiast? Maybe someone is willing to develop a driver but
has no access to hardware.

May I ask you what did you share with the community before demanding
something from the community? Linux is a two-way street, not on-way.

> 3)
> I can not use vmware, because it is so slow.. I have tried every possible
> setup that a human can imagine, but it is just too slow.. There is no way
> that I can install Linux to spouses machine, because she needs a
> win-bookkeeping software in her work.

Use dual-boot then.

> 3)
> Linux sound-card support sucks badly! I had to go and buy one that suits
> Linux.

Did you look at ALSA support matrix? What card do you have which is
not supported by ALSA?

> 4)
> Multimedia sucks too! Why can't I just click on the file, and it woudl then
> bring up the screen and show it to me...?
> Always some upgrading and patching and compiling and trying to find the SW if
> there is any.. no way!

But this is what Linux about in the first place. If you don't like, don't use it.

> And in the end there is not support for quite common formats at all!

What do you mean by "common formats"? Common proprietory formats
invented and screwed by one company?

> 5)
> Same thing with network cards.. I had several 3c509 cards around, but I was
> not able to make them work reliable. Only 2 of them did work, rest did not..
> So I had to go out and buy stuff again...

There miriads of cheap (times cheaper than 3com) NICs which work great
with Linux.

> 6)
> Display cards.. I had to buy an old Matrox G-200 from a friend of mine,
> because Linux did not have desent support for 3d-accelerated card that I had.
> 7)
> Why are the logs keep filling with all sort of weird and non-important stuff
> all the time.. there is almost no way to stop them, except sitting here night
> after night playing around with setups.. no way!

SuSE, IMHO, has the best configuration for logging of all other distributions
I tried.

Will your sit behind the wheel not knowing the controls in the car?

> 8)
> My x-server keeps also giving me these errors all the time.. It works, but
> still it is so annoying when I stop x-server to see screenfulls of weird
> warnings and error-messages.

If you are not satisfied with free X server, go buy commercial one.
They come with support.

> 9)
> When installing / removing software with zast or zast2, it keeps complaining
> about depencies, and I must keep on clicking and clicking like in M$.. so why
> bother.

Did you try to select AUTO? Didn't YaST pick up all dependencies for you then?

> 10)
> Fonts in graphical UI... horrible!! How can it be so difficult to find where
> to adjust those (if one can find them at all)???

Do you know how much commercial hinted font cost?

> 11)
> Lack of common "look-and-feel" in GUi.. Everyone can see that.. Okay, I admit
> that konqueror did bring things much closer to usability, but still....

It's about freedom. Freedom of choice. I like fvwm, e.g.

> And the list goes on and on...
> Then good thing about Linux is that it keeps doing this day after day without
> ever crashing... What a comfort...

Lucky you if you never lost your data in a BSOD.

> It would be so easy solution to take a win out-of-the-box, and start doing
> stuff.. spend much less money to few SW that makes it secure, and live
> happily....

So why whining? Why don't you live happily?

> This SuSE and LInux thing are really getting me pissed off.. At first I
> thought this is very nice thing.. I did programming, build some HW and was
> able to make that work under Linux easily etc..

I'm sorry for your feelings. But who urged you to use Linux?

> And when running plain text-mode, it seems to work nicely...
> But now when I'm getting closer to really start working with LInux, it show
> up not to be what I expected it to be... sad but true. It seems to be a toy
> for people that don't need to be productive... ?

No, Linux is just more demanding to one's expertise and knowledge.

> Sorry to sound pessimistic, but this is the situation... Linux sucks, and
> perhaps I go back to M$ world, because it is so easy to set up and maintain
> when comparing to Linux...

There are two types of laziness. Laziness to learn anything new, which
leads to using products of one known company; and laziness to do repeatative
actions which leads to TMTOWTDI

Fare well in redmondian world!


> J. Tamminen

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