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Re: [SLE] critisism toward SuSE 7.2
I agree with the comments made thus far. I've made the switch to Linux in the
last month or so even though I've been looking at SuSE since 6.1. It's now
mature enough for my needs.

What supprises me is that Jaakko's had problem's in area's where Linux
normally runs circles around Windows. Furthermore, you won't get the same
community (and the help and support that comes with it) from Windows. And,
what can £50 by you from Microsoft (you certainly do get a manual)?


On Tuesday 07 August 2001 4:20 pm, StarTux wrote:
> Brian D. wrote:
> > Ok. Gonna save you guys a lot of time flaming this guy. Because
> > we have all heard it a million times so there is no reason to
> > get it started.
> >
> > Bottom line. Linux, at this point in it's life, is growing but
> > not mature. If it doesn't suit your needs then use what does.
> > Others will keep working on the product. For some it is mature
> > enough to be productive for them...others do not find it a place
> > to be productive...yet. Keep checking back and one day it may
> > meet all your needs. And I would say at it's current rate of
> > growth you should check back often and make requests for support
> > and features that would benefit you and others who have similar
> > needs.
> >
> > Brian D.
> Yep,
> All those problems he listed have been opposite to me. But then I am
> seasoned with Linux.
> If you are coming from a Windows enviroment you are dealing with a
> different world, a world where a lot of the tools have yet to be made,
> or fashioned to help with this regard.
> You should have seen Linux just two years ago :-).
> In two years time it will again be very different.
> Ever use Win 3.1? Now that could have its tugh moments...
> Matt

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