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Re: [SLE] strange timeout.... OT ?...
  • From: Joe & Sesil Morris <Joe_Morris@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 23:16:20 +0800
  • Message-id: <3B700644.3020506@xxxxxxx>
stephane parenton wrote:
> Hi everyone.... I'm looking for a timeout somewhere... so i don't know
> yet if this post is OT or not.... I'll explain.... We have an internal
> network, that used to be full Token ring and the client were all
> Win*... I want the network to grow a little and to be more flexible,
> so I introduced the ethernet !.... I just put a small subnet with
> ethernet, the rest is token ring so far.... The gateway that stands
> between token and ethernet is a SuSE 7.1. All it does is transfering
> from token to ethernet and back.... nothing great.... The point is, i
> have the ethernet users that get disconnected from their client access
> session when not active for more than 5 minutes.... The token part doesn't
> do this ! Where does the problem come from ?.... we have checked the AS/400
> part, so it shouldn't come from this.... I've checked the nic drivers on
> the windows part, and they are ok (so it seems...)... Is my gateway involved
> in this ?.... has somebody encountered this kind of problem ?....

I would check to make sure your Windows NIC drivers aren't going into power saving mode (APM). I believe a lot of newer ethernet cards support powering off (which breaks the connection and any programs running over the network crash). HTH
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