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strange timeout.... OT ?...
Hi everyone.... I'm looking for a timeout somewhere... so i don't know yet if
this post is OT or not.... I'll explain.... We have an internal network, that
used to be full Token ring and the client were all Win*... I want the network
to grow a little and to be more flexible, so I introduced the ethernet !....
I just put a small subnet with ethernet, the rest is token ring so far....
The gateway that stands between token and ethernet is a SuSE 7.1. All it does
is transfering from token to ethernet and back.... nothing great.... The
point is, i have the ethernet users that get disconnected from their client
access session when not active for more than 5 minutes.... The token part
doesn't do this ! Where does the problem come from ?.... we have checked the
AS/400 part, so it shouldn't come from this.... I've checked the nic drivers
on the windows part, and they are ok (so it seems...)... Is my gateway
involved in this ?.... has somebody encountered this kind of problem ?....


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