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printer woes
  • From: dep <dep@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 11:15:07 -0400
  • Message-id: <200108011515.f71FF7O03447@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
greets. a couple of thorny printer issues here.

first is an epson stylus photo 780, which seemed to set up
uneventfully using yast2 and cups. prints test pages fine, even at
720x1440 (there being no driver supporting its 2880x720 mode). i was
even able to save the configuration.

but when printing photos in high-res from the gimp, the first half of
the page prints and then -- it stops. this is troubling and expensive
-- this photo paper is a buck a pop!

anyone encounter/solve this? there is no exact driver, but the stylus
photo 750 driver in cups is said to work. says that
this printer works perfectly under linux, but provides no details as
to how to bring it about. the support database says nothing on the
subject that i can find. and of course epson officially has never
heard of linux.

second issue: i'm trying to make use of my laserjet III-D as a
network printer via its jet direct card. h-p has its administrative
software for download (and i've downloaded it) but it's said to be
for rh-5.2/suse-6.4, and i'm by no means certain it's gonna work with
7.2, which is what i'm running. printer and jet direct card are old,
as in 10 years old. anyone experienced in this stuff?


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