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Ok guys , I'm sure you will all be proud.I finally got smart
and realized that on my main machine I have two Netgear cards working with
tulip perfectly fine.I simply poped Eth1 out of my main machine , and since
tulip is already attempting to be used for eth0 on the second, I replaced
eth0 with the netgear :-)..... Now I'm in yast at network address setup for
eth0 .THe questions come

(1) Eth1 is active on my main machine with the address of I
give eth0 on the second machine the address of

(2) If so , do I enter as the default Gateway pointing to eth1 on
the main machine?

(3) Or do I setup the main machine as a DHCP server ?

My goal is to have the Pentium as a terminal query the xserver on my main
machine for a log in screen so as to have the ability to work one machine
from two places..Tcp/ip but where to start?ssh, but where to start?xdm, but
where to start?



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