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RE: [SLE] REALLY OT - A cruelty that must be stopped
  • From: "John" <john@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 10:14:40 +0100
  • Message-id: <LPBBKPAICKJBFIBNNPJEEENNEBAA.john@xxxxxxxx>

That is a very sick site. At first I thought it must be a spoof, but
browsing some of the comments, and responses to expressions of outrage on
their Guestbook have convinced me otherwise.

If this person were operating from the UK, the RSPCA (Royal Prevention Of
Cruelty To Animals) would have him arrested. But NSI shows the person
behind this is in the US.


Administrative Contact:
Chang, Dr. Michael Wong admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
826 Schermerhorn
New York, NY 10027

I hope this guy gets arrested and put away for a LONG time. He may not
think he's doing anything wrong, based on Japanese standards of cruelty, but
he's not in Japan! And so it's the US standards he needs to be judged by.

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Gabriele Biondo
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Subject: [SLE] REALLY OT - A cruelty that must be stopped

Dear friends;
i know this ain't the right place to write those things, and i apologize.
The matter is that life is not only lines of code - sometimes one must
take positions.

I was so unlucky - i visited the site and
i saw a real cruel practice done on little cats.

I think that it must be stopped, and i will try with all my possibilities to
do so... i hope you'll join me in this quest.


Gabriele Biondo.

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